Aramé Studio is a young interdisciplinary architecture studio founded in Barcelona in 2019 by two partners:

Andrea Arriola Fiol (EPFL/ ETSAB) and Adrián Mellado Muñoz (ETSAB), both graduated in 2015.

We understand our practice as a constant exploration focused on the production of spaces, atmospheres, objects and artefacts. We consider that each commission needs a proper and unique design, sensitive to their context and generous to their users. For us architecture is a practice inherently interwoven in society, it is “the will of the age conceived in spatial terms”.

We strongly believe that a project is an open-ended enquiry, a permanent dialogue through drawings between different actors: partners, collaborators, clients, builders and craftsmen that evolves from the first sketches and ideas to the construction process.

We think that designing means giving time and thoughts to the way things are made, how will materials combine how they will last and age, how they will be used and their role or function in our society. A hands-on exercise that requires creative thinking and attention to detail, constantly questioning assumptions to find the best responses.